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Do You Know This Logo? 05

Think you know your brand logos? I've simplified some of the most famous designed logos to test your graphic design knowledge.

Here is some facts about todays logo:

  • The logo represents a German Company

  • They are known for making "The People's Car"

  • The logo was updated in 2019

  • First founded in 1937

My Thoughts On The Logo Design:

The logo is simplistic, easy to recognise and very well designed to suit not only the brand but the design of their product range and style. It sits well in position on their products and offers a clear identity to who the product belongs to.

The two letter abbreviation is used in the logo horizontally stacked to make light work of the brands full name. It highlights the point that logos don't have to be too literal and old fashioned, but a bit of creative thinking can link them back to the main name and overruling brand architecture.

If you haven't already guessed, today's logo was the well known "Volkswagen"

When comparing the older logo to the new one. You can see how it's just a simple design change, the whole visual style has been drawn back and made to feel smoother, more premium and in some way more purposeful. The older logo looked bulky; 3D edges with shading that darted the eye around the "VW" initials, which made it feel upon reflection; very manufactured and corporate. Yet I feel this was correct for their old direction.

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