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Can You Guess the Logo? 04

Welcome to Guess the logo - Did you guess it right?

Here is some facts about todays logo:

  • The logo represents an American and worldwide company

  • They have had 11 logo variations in their 122 year product life

  • The company was originally called "Brad's Drink"

  • First founded in 1898

My thoughts on the logo:

This logo was originally quite weak, but the new refined look which was introduced in 1950 is the visual identity that we know worldwide. That new update helped the brand and product go global and offer a recognisable symbol for the drink.

I like the use of colour, shaping and design for the most recent logo update which was introduced in 2014, when they removed the blue outline around the bottle cap/ globe symbol. The logo itself is very refined and works across all product types and advertising that they need. It has grown to be instantly recognisable and uses 3 colours (if you include white) to communicate effectively.

This branding and logo is a perfect example of less is more and keeps a consistent style across all promotional media. It's on trend with other famous brands refining and simplifying their logos in 2020. These include Volkswagen and BMW, who have opted for a one colour approach.

If you haven't already guessed, today's logo was the well known fizzy drink company "Pepsi"

The Pepsi Logo History

The Pepsi logo has had many changes over the years. They introduced the "bottle cap" in 1950, then continued to refine and develop the logo to make the "Globe" logo mark in 1996.

My personal favourite is the logo styles they had in the late 1990's. they developed it many times which was a sign of how graphic design was evolving with technology and effects being used, as it made everyone over use visual effects. The personal favorite for me is the 2006 logo which had a great advertising campaign featuring Manchester United. The adverts were played around different old themes, using football to interact with the products in different ways.

What Does The Logo Bring To The Product?

As a new part to Guess This Logo. I am going to remove the logs and branding off the product or service they represent to show how different logos carry different meanings through graphic design and brand awareness. Some logos represent a tone or emotion and some just represent an identity or well known symbol, it all depends on how the companies define their marketing position through visual communication.

You can see that without the Pepsi logo the drink is not really easy to spot. The blue is, but the Red almost hints towards "Coca Cola", (their main rival) which wouldn't be a great move design wise. So with the logo it stands for the product it is meant to be. It instantly allows us to know who the brand is behind the product and for worldwide brands like this, it gives us some trust that what we are buying is what we think it should be.

This strong brand awareness is built up over many years. Pepsi has been around for over 100 years, so it is a well known brand. But using little tricks can really help smaller companies. Make sure your logo stands strong on all your assets, products and materials. This is the first step to making a strong brand for yourself as the more you show your logo the more potential consumers will be able to spot it and build up a perception of who you are.

If you own a business or brand make sure to think about your logo and how to position yourself. It is an important part. A lot of people try to rush into startups and business ideas, but the bold long lasting brands today are the ones who carefully consider design along the way. Design and business work hand in hand, the more visual we get through digital platforms, websites and social media the more your businesses need effective design to grow and attract consumers to remain strong.

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