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How Much Should Graphic Design Cost? - Design Made Simple 03

Graphic design is a varied field. So varied that the prices per project, per agency and freelancer fee also vary massively. How Much should graphic design cost you? I've simplified some key price points for graphic design costs, using logo design as an example.

How much will you invest in design for business growth?

You Don't Always Need To Spend Thousands

This is a common misconception when people start to enquire about having design work done for them, people tend to assume that design costs thousands and will be too expensive to get a professional so they look for cheaper ways to make designs for their business and end up using unprofessional freelance sites and quick generic design applications.

These apps and cheap freelancers may help in the short term for quick solutions. But investing an amount that matches your ambitions and what you can afford is always a good idea. Professional designers like myself always work to the clients budget and project needs. It's a fully bespoke service. Ask about what you need, speak with the designer and you may find they are more flexible than being stereotypical "pretentious design snobs".

If you don't ask. You don't get! Start a conversation, tell us your problems and we will try our best to help you out!

Invest Now To Help Your Future Growth

Use some common sense on your perfect price point, invest in your business now to give it the best foundations for your future growth so your business can grow and gain awareness with your audience from the start. If you don’t invest in your businesses visual language early on you could miss out on hundreds of customers who may not be attracted to your business look and feel.

If consumers don't feel connected with the visual appearance of your business they will go elsewhere for business, and this could lead you to failure. Invest early and invest smart with design thinking and assets that are planned to help engage your audience at every touch point, every communication. If you do this well you will be sure to go far.

How Much Should You Spend On Your Graphic Design Projects?

Using logo design as an example, I have outlined popular graphic design industry price points for the type of process and design quality you can expect for what you spend. Logo design is a popular graphic design need as it's a visual identity for your business like a cattle brand, a stamp of what's yours.

See the table below for a breakdown on average price points for the UK graphic design industry in February 2021. I have written which price points cover what type of deliverables whilst outlining "who" this price point and process may suit.

There Is No Set Price, No One Size Fits All

The truth is that professional graphic designers and quality graphic design projects don't really have a one size fits all approach. Professional designers work to suit your needs and budget. You may not be ready to spend a lot which is fine, a designer can work to that. Some may say no but some will be able to help.

Our profession is problem solving for you. With visual solutions.

One size fits all pricing in graphic design is becoming more popular. But it's also very tricky and a little bit misleading. The companies tempt you in with a one price a month to "get all your design needs covered" - "unlimited design". But the truth is these design platforms are very cheap and offer preset designs which have been made mainstream for a long time.

A professional graphic designer is different as they will have bespoke pricing to meet your goals. The design work you receive will also be different as it's properly researched, considered and created to suit you. A fully bespoke service to make you stand out from the crowd. To make your business have it's own voice.

My Video Explains All You Need To Know About Graphic Design Pricing:

Any small, medium or large business owner can improve their visual impact by watching the design made simple series by Rolley because it teaches you design industry secrets and trends which save you time and money on creative projects.

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"Design Made Simple" is my YouTube series which launched in January 2021. Each video helps you better understand graphic design whilst learning how to maximise your visual language.

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